Our Programs


“One-Child a Family” Education Program

Building new schools and/or supporting existing schools to educate children in the Char area, admitting one child of parents’ choice to begin with. The rationale is to include larger number of families in the education system the first time.


Hizbul-Quran & Orphans Support Program

Hizbul-Quran is a 3-4 years residential program starting fully during Ramadan this year (2024). Orphans Support Program is offered only at the kinship placement. We also offer supports to widows.


Physical and Developmental Disabilities Program

We currently offer learning disability program to our students. The physical disability program is an urgent need and there are about 5% of children having some form of curable physical disability. Some minor corrections of the physical imperfections can make a life-time difference for these children.


Adult Literacy & Women’s Empowerment Program

We offered the literacy program time to time. The women’s Empowerment program is crucial for the children to be successful in school, women’s role is crucially important. We need funding for developing and administering this program.

Education Support

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School In Bangladesh

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Computer Lab

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